Grand Repos 2-seater sofa by Guillerme et Chambron for mobilier Votre Maison, France 1950s

This Guillerme & Chambron Sofa displays a beautiful contrast between the patinated wooden oak frame and the elegant velvet fabric of the cushions. With a solid wooden frame, the support for the back consists of eleven wooden spindles extending upwards yet slightly curved, resulting in a rounded backrest. The cushions have been upholstered in a brown velvet fabric. The pillow for the backrest has been embellished with tufted buttons on the front, as well as with loops encompassing the back spindles ensuring that the cushion stays in position. The bottom consists of two cushions framed by the curved wooden armrests which extend to the front legs.

Condition: Very good

Height: 39 in (99.06 cm)
Width: 59 in (149.86 cm)
Depth: 39 in (99.06 cm)


  • 4800,- euro